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The Vitals

All my flights take place above the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River and are weather dependent.


Each flight takes about 15-20 minutes.


Flights are allowed from the age of 6 and up.


Maximum weight per passenger - 240 lbs. or 110 kg.


One passenger at a time.


The Paratrike has a reserve parachute for emergency.


Photography/video in flight is approved and recommended.

Additional fun facts

The Paratrike flies slowly, about 25 mph and can reach altitudes of two miles or more.

I usually fly below 500 feet (150 meters) where you can smell and feel nature all around. Flying in a Paratrike is an exhilarating, safe, adrenalin full adventure that creates lasting impressions on adults and children's alike.

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Weather and its importance

In the preflight planning phase  the pilot takes into account (among other variables) the current  weather, the type of runway surface and the passenger's weight.


Unlike what most people may believe it is not the equipment reliability but the Pilot skills and Weather that are the critical factors of flight.


The Paratrike likes calm weather with minimum wind so, most flights take place in the early morning (The earlier the better) when the air is still.


Occasionally (around the Sea of Galilee) there are special days (transitional seasons) when good conditions for flight are also available before sunset.


Take-off is always from a field in the southern part of the Sea of Galilee / Zemach junction. Exact location will be sent via Waze.


Information about your pilot Moshe:

In Paratrikes (same as with other aircrafts), the most crucial component for safety is the pilot.

Moshe Grad is a veteran aircraft pilot with forty years of experience in single and multy-engine aircrafts in Israel and around the world. He holds advance pilot certificates for night flights, instrument rating (all weather), pressurized cabin, high altitude endorsement, complex aircraft certificate and more.

Further, Mr. Grad has 20 years of experience Paragliding in Israel and around the world, His formal training includes advanced emergency procedures course and all available paragliding courses – ridge soaring, thermals riding, distance gliding and other top tier courses.
As of this writing, Mr. Grad has over 1500 safe takeoffs and landings on paratrikes.

Among other volunteer activities, Mr. Grad was responsible for collecting, analyzing and daily publishing of weather information to the paragliding community in Israel, for a period of several years.

                                                               Some information about the Paratrike /Buckeye structure:

The powered parachute is a light, small, open, safe, and unusual aircraft.
The trike consists of a three-wheeled rigid chassis and a powerful two-stroke engine in the back that drives a three blade propeller.

The frame and engine are attached to a large tandem paraglider, the pilot controls the Paratrike via two handles and a throttle. He sits in the back while the passenger (only one passenger at time) sits in the front seat donning a communication helmet enabling him to converse with the pilot. Pilot and passenger are surrounded by a protective metal frame.

The passenger has visibility in all directions his hands are free.  passengers describe the experience as if sitting on a motorcycle "but in the air" with the added phrase "Unbelievable" or Wow Wow Wow!!!!

Looking forward to your arrival
and our joint adventure.

By appointment only at
052-9170-080 Moshe.

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